Why do some pastors charge people to preach the Gospel?

First of all, happy new month of December to y’all.

It is with a very sad heart I decide to create this topic after what happened today in Church. Our Pastor invited a guest Pastor to our church today, and after preaching, the guest pastor then went on to start ‘charging’ some fee from the members. This is totally wrong in all ways, and it’s against what even the Apostles who suffered for the Gospel did. How would a pastor start calling for donations from N50,000 and above for some kind of special grace? Is there another kind of Gospel or grace for those who pay the ‘charges’? This is totally insane and should be stopped in our churches.
P.S: Please, this is not about bashing pastors or churches because it happens virtually in all churches around and with most pastors. This topic is just to inform and seek opinion on how we can stop this ‘nonsense’ in our churches! Enough is enough!


This is a common familiarity between church pastors. You’ll hear things like “I need 10 people who can pay N100,000 to come out”. It is very unnecessary and doesn’t speak well of the Gospel. Some even waste enough time collecting these fraud monies that they should have used to preach or even do something else that’s meaningful. It is just a matter of time. God himself will judge them


As sensitive as this issue seems, it is the truth. Although I don’t like to dabble into pastor’s matter, but this is sadly what is obtainable everywhere in churches today. It is not wrong to raise money for the growth of the church, but calling for it as a form of extra-grace is very poor from them. I once fell for something like this before. Then, I was expecting something to happen because I wanted to travel outside the country then. The pastor feasted on my naivety and gullibility to prophesy something that still hasn’t happened over 5 years later. I since forgot about it sef but this post reminded me about that scam. Can’t even remember the last time I paid money like that in church. I’m still a Christian and I still attend church, but I just don’t listen to those fake prophesies borne out of the money the pastor wants to collect. I don wise up, bro.