What scientific evidence exists to prove that the flood of Noah occurred?

So was there a flood or not. And what does science say about this? Any scientific fact or proof to back up your claim?


This questions requires some scientific explanation and you’ll have it. Let’s take all biblical or religious beliefs elsewhere; at least, for the purpose of this question and to understand where science stands as regards this issue. Science only writes down what happened in “reality”, it does not invent things.

About seven thousand years ago, a severe flood occurred in the Middle East. They probably felt that the Earth was flooded.

There were many civilizations in the world that did not notice the flood. They simply continued to farm and live as usual.

So there indeed was a flood, but not a global flood. In any case, there is not enough water on Earth to flood as stated in the Bible. Even if you take all the water from the earth and from the atmosphere (which is impossible).