What is the craziest lesson on transportation you learned on Lagos roads?

If you are not wise, Lagos roads will teach you some wisdom.
Been on the road for over three hours now and I doubt if we have moved an inch from where we are now. So one thing Lagos road has taught me in getting wisdom is that patience is a virtue. By default, Lagos roads teach virtue.

So you, what lessons have Lagos roads taught you or what have you learned while on Lagos roads?


Lagos roads have taught me not to ever go back at a bus stop in search of a vehicle to board. If you do and you eventually get a vehicle going back, before you’ll eventually get to the bus stop you were before, you would have melted in hold up. It takes less than 30 seconds to have a mad traffic jam here, so for any ‘opportunity’ you have, just move forward and try to get a vehicle at the next bus stop. If you’ll even get in a Lagos traffic jam, you’d have saved yourself about 30 mins or more of melting time you’d have used in the bus you went to join at the back


That you should never allocate time (hrs) to you jounery


Exactly. You never can tell how many hours you’d be spending (or losing) in Lagos traffic jams.

My own lesson is never to use motor vehicles to any destination that tricycles will normally ply or go to. No matter how bad the hold up is, ‘Maruwa’ riders will always find a way to manoeuvre themselves around.


Lagos roads will make you wise by default.


Sorry, have you lived in Lagos before, or you are currently in Lag?


Move one hour ahead of your schedule. To stay on the early side, use motorcycles. To stay on the safe side, avoid them and use Keke. But to stay on the more safer side, avoid both Keke and Okada and use bus, or your own car.