What is the best quote you have ever heard from a movie? Which movie is it?

Today, I was going through some stuffs I wrote down last year and I came across a quote from Game of Thrones that goes thus: “The higher you rise, the more eyes are eager to see you fall”, and I couldn’t wait but be awed and marveled at that lovely quote and I know many users of this website would have come across one or more quote from some movies like that, so I would be glad if we can all share some quotes we have heard from any movie.


That’s such a wonderful quote. Very relevant in our today’s world even. The quote is credited to Aditya Pratap Singh.

Back to the topic, one lovely quote I have heard from a movie goes thus: Confession is a relief, a great weight lifted.
Regret is a constant companion. Don’t let it become yours.

It was from the movie, *Fantastic Beasts.


Mine, from Spiderman:
With great power comes great responsibility : Peter Parker.

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