What do you know about India?

Just some random questions about India as a country. Its people, food, culture, movies, stars/celebs, cities, nature and everything you know about India. Please feel free to share :pray:

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Here are 20 facts about India collected by me from different sources on the internet as requested by you:

  1. Chess comes from the Sanskrit chaturanga game.
  2. The “wheel” in the center of the national flag is actually the Buddhist wheel of life or the dharma chakra.
  3. In 100 BCE, the decimal system was invented in India.
  4. The Hindu calendar has 2 seasons more than in Western countries. This is the monsoon, which comes shortly before the fall, and has overturned, coming after the winter.
  5. The air in Mumbai is so polluted that a 1 day stay here equates to smoking 100 cigarettes.
  6. The national animal of India is the Bengal tiger, of which there are only 2500 individuals in the world.
  7. The country’s national sport is hockey.
  8. An Indian restaurant in Bradford (UK) accommodates more than 800 visitors and is located in the old chapel. This establishment is the largest Indian restaurant in the world.
  9. Cocaine is used as a pesticide in some areas of India.
  10. India gained independence from the British in August 1947.
  11. The word “shampoo” is actually Indian. It comes from the word “Champu”, which in Sanskrit means “massage”.
  12. There are 844 dialects and 17 major languages ​​in India.
  13. The Lotus Temple in Delhi is made in the form of 27 huge petals, covered with marble.
  14. Windows in the country are white instead of colorful fabrics.
  15. India is one of the countries that has never attacked others in its history.
  16. Brides wear engagement rings on the toe.
  17. India has a very low divorce rate.
  18. In 2016, the country set a world record for planting nearly 50 million trees in 24 hours.
  19. In 2016, a driver of one of the public buses in India died from a meteorite.
  20. In India, mustaches are classified as a respected symbol of power in conjunction with certain positions. For example, policemen get a paycheck just because they have a mustache.

Thank you @chuks. i love all the info you wrote there about india. I didn’t know most of them before until now. God bless you abundantly.
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Hey @kudi, glad to have you around and welcome to our community. If you can, please feel free to introduce yourself to our community.

Back to your topic, I really don’t know a lot about India especially outside what @chuks has posted up there but I’ll try to write the little I think I know about the country.

  1. India’s entertainment industry (Bollywood) is the largest entertainment industry in the world.
  2. Kite flying is illegal in India.
  3. Cows are sacred in India. In fact, it is regarded as a god and worshipped as Mother Cow. I don’t know about the male cow (bull), though.
  4. Since cows are sacred in India, every cow in the country must or is expected to have a photo ID.
  5. India is the 2nd largest country in the world by population after China.

I hope I helped with my facts.


Thank you sir for your answer. You really helped.

  1. The sum of the lengths of all roads in India can wrap the Earth almost 120 times.
  2. Indians account for about 50% of the world’s total whiskey consumption.
  3. The left hand in India is considered unclean because it is used to cleanse itself with water after going to the toilet.
  4. In 1861, the Mausinram village was officially the highest-humidity site in the world.
  5. The Mumbai Bridge Bandra-Worli Sea Link cost $ 250 million and spent more than 25,000,000 man-hours building.
  6. Any company in a country with more than 100 employees is required to consult with the government regarding the dismissal of any of them. They cannot do this if the government refuses.
  7. Like my boss @Abbey said, cows are sacred in India and every cow has a photo ID, the Indians place a very high premium on cows such that there is a toll-free number that you can call if any cow, in your opinion, has an unhealthy appearance. (call them Buhari’s family if you want :wink:, but our President has not done something like this yet for his cow family, though :smile:).
  8. There’s at least 2 Indian citizens at top level management in the top 10 companies in the world right now.
  9. Toilets were hard to find in India. Recently, the narrative is changing but many people still defecate in the open in India despite how good the country seems to be doing on paper.
  10. Well, I have not really have any personal dealing with any Indian, but most black people who have had any dealing with them says the Indians are rude. I don’t know how true this is, but it is what I have heard several times.

Those are my ten observations or opinions about India. Please feel free to ask me question(s) on any of the points raised or even contradict what I wrote. That is the essence of this forum: to share and seek knowledge.