What are the scariest, creepy photos you saw on the Internet?

Although there has been a question like this somewhere else here. But that question is talking about pictures that speak more than a thousand words. So this question is quite different from that and as @Abbey does not want us to repeat same threads, I needed to explain this. So what are the scariest, creepy photos you saw on or off the Internet? Share them here and description about them


Officer Horatio Gordon Rubles and his collection of severed heads, 1895.

In the 19th century, Horatio Gordon Robley was a well-known collector of Mokokai - the dried heads of the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, whose faces are decorated with a traditional moko tattoo.

At the beginning of the 19th century, during the Musket Wars, they were a valuable commodity: Maori sold such heads to Europeans in exchange for firearms used by tribal conflicts.


An Iraqi Tank Driver

An American photojournalist, Kenneth Jarecke took many disturbing and terrible photographs during the Iraq war. This is, in particular, the Iraqi driver of the tank, trying to escape from the tank, because it was engulfed in flames.

Kenneth took these photographs to draw public attention to the American war. His photographs have never been published. And about this, the name even appeared: “nobody will publish a military photo.”

Source: The War Photo No One Would Publish


The bodies of the unfortunate inhabitants of Pompeii, who did not even have time to do something, were buried under the ashes of the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius. Since August 79 AD, the bodies are perfectly preserved under the ashes to tell us a lot of history.

In some cases, scientists used gypsum to fill the voids in the ashes.


Hisashi Ouchi was a Japanese nuclear scientist who, in 1999, accidentally came under a huge dose of radiation. He literally rotted for MONTHS and experienced constant, incurable pain. He repeatedly begged his doctors to let him die, but they kept him on life support, even after his heart stopped three times in one hour.

He died after 83 days of torment, looking like this :point_down: