What are some examples of the Butterfly Effect / Chaos Theory in History?

What are some examples of the Butterfly Effect / Chaos Theory in history that you know or have read about anywhere else? Please feel free to share


The butterfly effect, the best example, is the discovery itself.

You’ve probably heard the standard example used about the butterfly effect in that flapping a butterfly wing in Nigeria can cause a tornado in Johannesburg? Well, let’s talk about the discovery itself first.

Once in 1961, Edward Lorenz Norton worked in his office at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, entering data into a computer program designed to simulate weather conditions.

When modeling the template, he rounded one of his variables .506127 to .506. He then left the office to drink coffee while the computer simulated a drawing.

When he returned, it was clear that something was very, very wrong. This tiny change in his data led to a dramatic transformation, completely changing two months of simulated weather. Small changes, leading to other small changes, in general, Lorenz realized that small changes can have huge consequences.

Lorenz understood in this idea that the flapping of the wings of a butterfly can affect the weather and presented his findings and the title “Butterfly Effect”.

the butterfly effect
Scientific knowledge could never be advanced enough to predict the weather, because the weather is unpredictable in its essence and according to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

Read more on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos_theory


Like @eze.ego wrote up there, the butterfly effect is more about the ripple effect a little flap (as in the wings of a butterfly) can make. In one word: It is talking about the massive effect a small event can turn out to become. And since you’re looking for an example as regards the chaos theory from butterfly effect, I’ll give you one that touched everyone in the world so you can see what small denial caused the world.

Adolf Hitler was denied admission to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. This forced him to join the military in World War I, and his experience in military uniform dramatically changed his views. The consequences became the world war we know.
The picture below is an art by the famous Hitler himself:
adolf hitler art and picture


Thank you @encyclopedia and @eze.ego for your contributions. Still open for more examples.
Didn’t know this about Hitler. World would have noticed a famous artiste, but rather, we noticed a very (in)famous terrorist. May his soul (not) rest in peace.


On June 28, 1914 due to the wrong turn of a driver in Sarajevo, the modern world, as we know it, would not (probably) exist today.

According to how world war 1 started:

The driver I’m referring to was a driver for Franz Ferdinand, heir to Austria-Hungary. They were coming to Sarajevo for a holiday, and the Serbian nationalists planned to kill him with a bomb, but the plan failed, injuring dozens of innocent people in the crowd. Later, Franz, who decided to make a good gesture, decided to visit the wounded in the hospital, but his driver mistakenly turned onto another street, where one of the nationalist members happened to be.

Franz and his wife were killed, which became a spark for the First World War.

If they had successfully escaped the initial and later botched plan, then there would be no world war 1. No World War I means no WW II, no Cold War, and ultimately, maybe no advances in technology.

In fact, it is theoretically possible that the Internet would not exist if this driver did not make this wrong turn.

So there you have a perfect example of the butterfly effect/chaos theory turning out to be the start of a very good invention: The internet which happens to be the eight wonder of the world!