Understanding The Concept Behind Talk with Africans

Understanding The Concept Behind Talk with Africans, The Aim, Motive and What I Plan To Achieve: Why I Started This Community!

Sequel to About Talk with Africans referenced here, I believe it is best I let you all understand the concept behind this community so we will understand where I am coming from and what I aim to achieve. Reason for this topic.

If you read the first topic where I welcomed you to this community very well, one of the first thing you’d notice is my definition of this community. I defined this community as Africa’s social-impact community for knowledge sharing, networking and everything African! That is, everything related to Africa. Now, let me start by explaining the points well for your easy understanding.

First, this community is Africa’s social-impact community. By this, I mean to say that I do not just plan to create an online community for whatever reason. This community is meant to impress social change in people. Social impact can be change in attitude, behaviour and/or reasoning.

Whilst I would not look to change anyone’s behaviour, I plan to effect a positive change in Africa, and change the ‘kind of bad behaviour we have normalized’ in our community. How do I intend to do this?

  1. Knowledge sharing!
    This is the reason why we (I mean I and my company that provides all technical and financial assistance in the running of this community) opted to use an online discussion community.
    By using this method, we are going to have an inter-connected virtual community where we promote the right kind of information and make sure it gets across to people at the right time. By sharing the right knowledge, we have defeated ignorance, which happens to be the bane of the growth and development of the African continent. So from time to time, we would be running (or sharing) different insightful programmes aimed at increasing knowledge as to make our physical communities reformed. All our programmes would run for free.

  2. Networking!
    After sharing the right knowledge with you, then the next step is impacting greatly in your physical community. We will organize different networking workshops for people to come together and share ideas, opinions and views on how we can move our continent ahead. Many of such networking events would feature resource persons or industry experts/leaders in select fields. These networking programs can either happen online or offline. With online networking events/programs, we can run a Question and Answer session here in our community with different industry leaders/experts as for them to share their knowledge with us, as we look to learn key ideas from them towards building the next leader from here.

  3. And finally, sharing love!
    I believe in showing love, rather than preaching it. Hence, in the bid to achieve the aim I have set out for this community, I would be sharing love as a means to preach our message and getting it across the borders. Again, if you read the Welcome to Talk with Africans topic, you would notice that I defined a task to achieve. It is the development of an Africa without border-in people, business and living! So, welcome to receive love like you have never before received here in this community!

In this vein, I believe that these three points I have outlined above would be elaborate enough to effect the right kind of change I want to see in Africa as I believe that our continent needs a paradigm shift from where we are (and used to be). Only then can we move to a new level.


Talk with Africans As A Social Community
Like my other online businesses, vis Afrilens News and My News Hotspot where 50% of revenues generated go to Charity, I aim to do same with this community too.

Whether this community generates any revenue in the future or not, it is built around social change, hence, half of its future generated revenue would go to charity homes while the remaining percentage goes in the maintenance of this community; that is paying for the server, email services, including other technical infrastructure, with advert fees, community programs and paying future Admin staffs too, who may by then be working full time on this community. In one word, I want this community to be responsible in our physical community and live to its core essence; the very reason why it was created in the first place.


In sharing love, I have identified three problems/challenges facing Africa that my attention would be focused on. The three problems, according to Global Young Voices are:

  1. Food crisis/hunger
  2. Poor education, and
  3. Access to financing.

We would be running programs to tackle all of these three challenges/problems facing Africa and Africans, and I will do my best to see to it that as many people as possible benefit from these programs, whilst I, in my own little way, see to it that we reduce the problems facing us to a minimal level. For what is the essence of living if not to make this world a better place to live in after we are gone? Or even before we are gone? I just want to see to it that Africa and the black race changes its place from the poverty narration the world has known it for.


Amazing concept. God bless you for what you do always. Keep being better everyday.


This is the best community I have come across by far. Everything is well designed and the Admin is very reasonable. It also has nice concepts too. Nice work @Abbey


Awww. Thanks for the kind words, Ma’am :pray:


Our first training in our bid to counter poor education is The FREE Digital Marketing Training found here. It is FREE for everyone, but with the way our community is structured, you’ll need to register or have an account with us (which is FREE, by the way) before you can comment, like, ask questions or ‘do’ anything on the training. But you can go through all the resources given in the training without having an account with us.