Lady praises man to high heavens. Relationship ended 7 months after [SCREENSHOT]

A Twitter user has narrated in simple detail the end of his 7 month relationship after he was praised to the heavens at the start of the relationship.

First chat with the lady. The guy said he only sent ‘hello’, and the lady replied with this

Re-tweeting the 31st May 2019 tweet of his first chat with the lady, the Twitter user added the caption, “Ati lo ati de”, signalling the end of the relationship he once adored.

While many on the micro-blogging platform seemed amazed at how a relationship that received such praises at the beginning could end up within 7 months, several others found the story funny, reliving the messages the lady sent to the guy in the attached screenshot. A user, Fela Grandson (@badboyjerrie) tweeted,

Full Twitter story here :point_down:


Lol! That’s damn funny. I don’t even know whether to smile or cry for the ta lovebirds sef. But whatever it’s worth, it’s good both lovers ended it in a civil way. Went through the link and saw that it was actually the guy’s fault that the relationship ended. It wasn’t a case of cheating but more about him telling ‘his girl’ to look good (as in to watch her weight; from the responses on Twitter). He’s feeling the break up now already, though. Lol! :joy:


Gosh, Twitter will not kill person pikin with laugh
:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:
Las las, the guy go dey alright.

@Abbey, I also went through the thread and I feel the lady actually broke up with the guy because he body-shamed her. There’s a way you tell someone to watch what they eat without been insulting or pestering them. The guy obviously body shamed the lady.