Is it possible to install Ubuntu on a smartphone? And how do I do it?

I’m just a newbie to programming who needs to know how to use some good OS outside Windows and I use my smartphone a lot. So I’m thinking if it’s possible to start using something like Ubuntu on my smartphone so I can get used to it before running it on my machine. So is it possible to install Ubuntu on my smartphone? And if it’s possible, how do I do it?


Yes it is very much possible. Take a look at LinuxonAndroid .

The Android operating system is based on the Linux kernel , so running Linux on an Android smartphone is possible, and not even as complicated as it seems.

Check these links:

According to reviews, the application runs fine on both old hardware (4.0.3) and newer.


To install Ubuntu on your phone instead of Android, you need to have basic Android system skills. Installation will not delete your “native” system, it will be performed on top of an existing distribution.

You will need an Android application - Linux Deploy. You can find it in Google Play.

  • Run the program and study the help menu on the screen. You should see a suggested course of action.
  • Create a new profile for your Linux account. To do this, in the main screen of the program, click on the line “Linux”. It is located at the top.
  • Click the OK button. It remains only to select the desired profile.
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