Introducing TwA Weekly Foodie Challenge

Hi all,

By now, you already know our community is a social-impact community geared towards the advancement and progress of Africa and her people. Hence, I am glad to introduce to you all, our new social-impact programme called “Talk with Africans Weekly Foodie Challenge”.

Our TwA Weekly Foodie Challenge would be a very simple contest among our lovers, fans, followers and members across the web where we would reward 3 people who can come up with a meal of their choice they could cook for a thousand Naira or less. The best meals with the highest number of social reactions (likes, shares and comments) win. The contests would run every week; starting from Tuesday to Thursday, whilst Friday would be the day the meals are expected to be cooked by the winners.

Contest Format

The contest is actually meant to provide 3 families with a weekend meal they can cook for a thousand Naira or less. And weekend starts on Friday. So, the contest runs pre-Friday of every week; starting from Tuesday through Thursday where all the participation and other contest events take place. Winners would be announced on Friday, by 12pm.


Tuesdays: The competition/contest for the week starts. Participants are expected to name a meal they can cook with a thousand naira and explain, in full, how to cook such meal, listing all ingredients to be used. A picture of the meal (whether cooked by them before or sourced from the internet) is needed.

Please note that if images are sourced from the internet, we require that due credits should be given to the owner(s) of such images, especially if you do not have express permission to use them.

Wednesdays: We receive the candidates application to be allowed into the contest for the week. And put all contestants’ applications in one single thread for easy identification and collation of social results. By 3pm of same day, candidates/participants/contestants can start sharing their own entries to become part of the lucky winners. Please note again that only the best meals with social reactions win.

Thursdays: Participants continue sharing their entries with their audience and/or families, friends and loved ones in a bid to grow their social reactions. They do this till 9a.m of the next day; Friday.

Friday: Gathering of social reactions end by 9am whilst our Team collates all results together. Every other reactions gotten after 9am on any entry do not count. By 12pm, we announce the winners and start transfer of the ₦1,000 prize to winners’ accounts.

Saturday We expect our winners to share with us pictures of the meal they cooked with the prize money to encourage others who may be looking to participate in the contest.

Note: There is no limit to how many times a winner can participate in this contest, but we limit a winning participant to only 2 winning entries a month. After winning twice in a month, you are not eligible again to contest for that same month. However, if you have won once before, you can still contest throughout the month. Meaning, you can only win maximum of twice a month.

And, any member of our Team is not eligible to participate in the same contest, too.

Finally, we would update, with a new post on our community, the start of every new week challenge and call for entries from interested participants using ALL forms of social media available to us, including our community.
If you do have any question related to this, please ask.



Thumbs up, bro. This is a very commendable and laudable idea. I wish you the best in its implementation. And I will be glad to support it in any way I can myself.


Awww, thanks for the kind words. No problem if you wish to support. Believe me, you coming here frequently is enough support already. But if you can invite your families and friends on board, then you have given me the greatest support I crave for. :hugs:


Hey bro @Abbey, how far about the foodie challenge? Are you still doing it or you backed our already?


Hi @chuks. First, let me welcome you to Talk with Africans!
As regards your question, I’m still very much in it, no backing out. It is one of the core essence of this community: Social impact! Just haven’t started 'cos I want the word to reach far and near. Working on some strategies.


Glad to hear that bro. More grease to your elbow :signal_strength:


Thanks for the kind wishes, bro. Would also be looking forward to you helping me tell your family and friends about this giveaway.


Thank you for everything you do here bro. :+1:


Good initiative. I support you :100:%


Of course, I’ve got to do them. If I don’t, who will? :wink:


you can be sure i will tell people around me about this forum. You are doing a good job.


That is great news Boss


Yeah, it is.
Although I have stopped other giveaways for now so I can focus on the grand one I’m offering. This particular giveaway will resume next year. I’ll communicate date and time for that here on this community.



Let it begin already!