How will Iran respond to the assassination of General Kassem Suleimani in the United States?

Top Iranian General was killed in Baghdad by the US and there has been threats of war between the two countries so how would Iran respond to the death of their general? Or what is their retaliation going to look like?


General Suleymani was killed on Iraqi, not Iranian, land.

Facts (according to the American government): America killed an Iranian citizen who was on a visit to the neutral neighboring sovereign state of Iraq.

For clarity: America killed a citizen (government figure) of a nation with which there is NO declared state of war. America did this on the land of a third party - Iraq.

In truth, there is no way to say what will happen next. The difficulty is that there is no Iran’s senior military leader now, since he was initially the person who planned the next course of action, it is currently difficult to determine Iran’s motives / capabilities.

The real concern is that the answer can be anything as they declared themselves a country built on martyrdom. I believe you know what that means?


In the shortest possible time there will be an answer. Iran could damage US interests in the Middle East in the near future, in the next 2-3 weeks. But I’m not worried about that.

I would be concerned about what the United States would do in the event of an attack by Iran.

If Iran is stupid enough to kill Americans in broad daylight, the US will severely punish Iran. Iran is choking financially. They cannot stand the long drawn-out battle with America.

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The Iranians brewed all this mess, not the Americans. An answer should be expected from them (America), and not from the Iranians. The Iranian focus, as they say, failed. The fakir was drunk. But let’s do it in order.

Events preceding the assassination of the Iranian leader-leader developed decisively. You could even say in the spirit of President Trump. Obama once sent an entire plane with cash to appease Iranian leaders. Tram acted more decisively. And his actions are logically justified. They acted exclusively in defense of their citizens.

Friday December 27th. Iranians begin …
30 missiles were fired from the Iraqi military base near Kirkuk, killing an American contractor and injuring four US and two Iraqi troops. United States officials have blamed the Iranian-backed militia, Kataib Hezbollah, who in turn have denied responsibility.

By the way. Involuntarily one wonders why it was chosen precisely Friday, a holy day for Muslims.

“The best day the sun rises is Friday. On this day, Allah created Adam. On this day he entered Paradise, on that day he was expelled from it, and the Last Hour will not strike on any other day except Friday ”(Ahmad).

Americans, without hesitation, responded by air assaults America responded.

Sunday, December 29, Iran continued.
Iran stormed the US Embassy in response to US air strikes, which resulted in the killing of 24 Iranian-backed militias at bases in Iraq and Syria over the weekend.

Tuesday, December 31, Iranians do not calm down
Pro-Iranian militias marched in front of the US Embassy, ​​effectively imprisoning American diplomats for more than 24 hours. President Trump accused Iran of organizing a protest.

Friday January 3 Americans make a knight’s move. Checkmate.
An American drone hit two cars with Mr. Suleymani and several militia officials supported by Iran as they left Baghdad International Airport. Mr. Suleymani was an influential figure in charge of Iranian intelligence, and was close to the supreme leader of Iran. Moreover, he was killed in Iraq; a neutral neighbouring sovereign state, NOT Iran as earlier opined by @chuks.

Apparently, this is a purely strategic and bold opinion/move by Trump, as the Iranians, led by the chief intelligence officer, supported themselves by pocketing money sent by the plane with a quivering Obama. And they decided to try their luck to get a couple more planes stuffed with cash. But here on their way was a gray wolf or a red cap, as you like, Mr. Trump.

So the focus of the Iranians clearly did not succeed.

In one word: It shouldn’t be the Iranians who should respond but America and they did that very well by checkmating Iran in a game (war) of chess where they could have come out with a plane stuffed with dollar bills!

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