How to use this website

Hello, welcome to our community.

I know you have taken time out to visit our community, and like every new thing, you may face difficulty using it, and may even be tempted to leave as early as possible. But when you do that, it means you haven’t given us the privilege to wow you with our awesomeness, and you may be missing out on a whole lot of things. And because we don’t want you to miss out on those lovely things, I have decided to come up with this simple how-to for you.

So, how do you use this website?

  1. You can sign up for a FREE account here. After signing up, please verify your email and log on back to this community/website to continue using it.
  2. Start by joining already existing discussions:
    You would have already seen some topics everywhere on our website. Feel free to click on any topic you are interested in and join the conversation going on there. You can like others’ posts/comments and also create your own posts. When you do this, we will give you a level of authority on our site, meaning you can now perform bigger tasks, even including becoming the owner of this community someday!
  3. Create your own topics:
    You may have your own topics you want to create, we have made it very easy to do so. Whether you just registered for a new account now or you’ve been using your registered account since, you can create your own topic anytime you want. Just click on the “New Topic” button you see at the top of our website on the homepage or from our categories page. If you don’t know what category your topic falls into, don’t worry. Just create it under any category. We will help you move it to the right category.
  4. Don’t forget to add your profile picture:
    You can click here to edit your profile and add your profile picture. When you do so, it helps us know how handsome or beautiful you are :wink:, so we can always see you as a family. We will feel free to reply your posts and even consider you as a brother or sister, so verbal abuses on your person won’t even happen. We are building civil discussions that are rich in content!
  5. You can send Personal Messages (PM) to other users:
    If you have anything to share with any user here, and you feel you want it to be personal, then you can make use of our PM feature to send personal messages to any user on our community.

Since I don’t want to bore you with many how-to’s, I will be dropping these links to help you get to know how to use our site better.

  1. Read our New User Guide.
  2. Introduce yourself to Our Community.
  3. See all our categories.

Feel free to ask any question you may have about using this website here.


Very good. So new users can be referenced to this topic she they have any issue here. Thanks for taking the time out to do this.