How do I learn to kiss?

I am a male, 17. Will be 18 soon and have a girlfriend, 16. We will be getting our first kiss soon and neither of us has ever been involved in a kiss before. So I want this cool community to help me with tips so we will have fond memories of our first time kissing.
No bashing please.


Hello @hayzed, glad to have you here with us.

First, let’s address this:

We will never bash you here on our community for whatever reason. You are here to seek opinion and opinions you’ll definitely receive.

Back to the OP, you can’t learn to kiss. Why? Simply because we do not teach children how to walk.
It’s the same with a kiss regardless of gender.

It is embedded in every person. And since you already have someone to kiss, just get done with it. You’ll love the experience, trust me.


Chapter 3 part 2 of the Katsutra of Vatsayana can tell a lot about the kiss. An amazing, delightful, ancient manual that teaches the art of love from A to Z will allow you to “introduce” some of the kiss formulas into your life. Believe me, to start “with a kiss”, which, apparently, you are listening to friends’ stories, watching movies, is some kind of plebeian, terrible way to the contrary, to express your feelings.

Kamasutra, this Sanskrit text tells in detail about kisses and also describes them in detail, that learning is not difficult. And if you also involve your partner in the study of this one of the main aspects of love, then indescribable delight awaits you.

Don’t listen to friends, do not watch porn, do not be a rabbit for a couple of seconds. Learn to give and receive endless pleasure. Practice the Kama Sutra.

But I would advise starting with the first part of the Kama Sutra - Embrace. Alas, no one knows how to cuddle, at least watching the heroes of films. But hugs are the very prelude, after which kisses follow.

Following the Kama Sutra. The Kama Sutra embrace is divided into four types:

  • touch
  • rub
  • penetrate then
  • squeeze

When a man, under one pretext or another, walks in front or next to a woman and touches her body with his own, this is called a “tangent hug”.
When a woman in a secluded place bends down, as if lifting something, and as if pierces a man, sitting or standing, with her chest, this is called a “piercing hug”.

Interestingly, these two types of hugs are best used by people who do not yet feel at ease with each other. Those who have gone through a bouquet and candy period, the Kama Sutra has other tips.

But, I will not distract from this great reading matter.

Learn from the best! If you want to master the art of love, start by studying the simplest, at first glance, trivial things - hugs, touches, kisses. The main thing is not to rush. Grow up slowly, with bright feelings in the soul and with the desire to receive an unearthly pleasure from true hugs and kisses.


Wow. Thanks @annie for those beautiful words. I’ll keep them at heart and remember them at the moment. I owe you some kisses too :wink:


Lol! I know.
I haven’t even seen anyone bashed here for seeking opinion sef. But I was thinking people were going to look at the age thing and tell me to focus on something else, you know the ‘normal’ Nigerian mentality of being holier than thou? Thought I was going to see same here.


Hey @hayzed, Abbey here.
First, like @chuks said, you’ll never get bashed here for anything, no matter the discussion you bring; in as much as there’s a place for such discussion here. So you’re always welcomed here bro.

Back to the OP, I really don’t think there should be a manual for kissing. Fortunately or unfortunately, I had my first kiss when I was in SS1. It was even an ‘unplanned’ kiss sef. And till today, I still remember it; meaning that it is memorable, no matter how bad or good it was then. So how did it happen?

It was with a classmate then. She had a little fracas with her then boyfriend; another classmate of ours. She needed someone to ‘pepper dem’, like we say in the streets these days :smile:. So I came to the fray. I became the ‘sacrificial lamb’ to pepper the other party. The girl just signalled to me at the end of class one day and was like, “Abiodun, come. Come and kiss me”. Just like that, bro. No prior notice of the second coming, sorry, first coming of Christ. Lol!

It just happened naturally like that. And as it were, the girl actually had her own first kiss too, with me, another first-timer! She had been in her relationship barely a week and the guy has signalled his intention to take her to the moon on their first kiss. But it didn’t happen with them, but rather us. So what changed? I didn’t plan to take her to the moon but she ditched the one who planned to for the one who didn’t. What did this tell you? Don’t plan it, bro. Just get done with it. It’ll always be memorable, especially for the fact that it is going to be your first kiss. Till date, I didn’t remember other kisses I had, although I remember everyone I have kissed fairly well.

Being the first time for you both makes it memorable enough. So don’t sweat it!


Lol! You’re a story writer boss. I almost fell laughing and reading your story. I’m just anxious for that day. I’m already fantasizing how it’s going to look like. I just hope I don’t fuck up though.


Anxious, anxious. That’s the word to take away from the story. You shouldn’t be anxious of what you don’t know the outcome would even be. Let things flow naturally.


Okay boss. I hear you loud and clear. Thank you.