Author asks Married people what the stupid, recurring argument they've had with their spouse and it all gets emotional. The responses will make you want to be in love!

An author and Twitter Influencer, Rabia O’ Chaudry asked her married followers to tell her about the stupid, recurring argument they’ve had with their spouse and just cannot stop having are and we’re blown away with the responses from Twitter, including some truly emotional moments between spouse that may want to make you feel loved again. You won’t even believe what those moments are but we have curated some for your viewing pleasure:

First of all,the topic (introduction)

The emotional moment gets underway

And so emotional. Karla lost her husband and is hoping he’s unwrapping a new bar of Irish spring :sob:

And this is one husband who doesn’t do the laundry and possibly doesn’t care how it gets done

To the bizarre husbands who stylishly wake their wives up with the alarm system without getting up from bed themselves :wink:

Now to the man who resurrected in another woman’s arms, maybe a proof of afterlife?

For once, a guy speaks up about his creative girlfriend. What a love!

And to the more interesting stories on the Tweet. Please read more from Twitter:


So emotional. Karla’s story got me all loved up. Can’t wait to start have ‘recurring’ arguments with my partner :wink:


Lovely responses. Love is a beautiful thing, I swear!


Your choice of words and diction always amazed me


rabia O’chaudry (rabiasquared) post aroused memory of married couple, As for we the single but dating, he is always giving me reasons of not arranging his kitchen


Lol! That’s another angle to things too. But well, it’s an argument that’ll last till only when God knows when. So it’s best to just leave ‘things’ be :smile:


Really? That means I’m a genius then, huh?


Wow, absolutely amazing replies.
I think the argument I’ve been having with bae for some time now is majorly about who leaves home first during work days. We work at different ends of the city so we don’t go to work together. But locking all doors and making sure everything is tidied is the duty of whoever leaves home last. Well, she has been beating me to the game big time lately :joy: