#Appreciation to my Grandpa

For many of you who don’t know, I was born, bred and trained by my maternal family, so when I talk of my Grandpa or G Papa for short, I’m referring to my maternal grandpa.

This is a picture of myself, my grandpa and my younger brother while my Uncle ‘covered’ us all. This picture was taken in 2017, if my memory serves me right.

This man here is an amazing man. He clocked 68 this last Tuesday; October 22nd and is the one I know as a father. Wrong, right? Well, that’s because he filled in the role of a father I never had for me.

When I was born, he wrote this letter :point_down: down here to my paternal grandfather and his son (who happens to be my biological, but simply put, the sperm donor). This is to congratulate them on the bundle of joy his own daughter (that is, my mom) has given birth to, and for them to fulfill their parental rights. Well, you guessed right, they never came! And although they came begging later on, but that’s after so many things have gone bad. Lest I forget, here’s the letter :point_down:

Now, this is not about me but about the amazing person my grandpa is. Since that letter, I lived 21 good years with him, under his roof, eating his food and breathing air under his covers. And you know what? I have beautiful memories about me sleeping on his chest when I was young :smile:. So many good things about this great man and kind soul.

When other people would pester their daughter into aborting their babies, my grandpa stood by my Mom and showed her love, care, understanding and everything good. You won’t know the number of humiliation this man had to suffer because of me, and also because my Mom is beautiful :wink: (Yeah, this is true, so she got many toasters for herself in her prime).

Above all, I’m celebrating and appreciating this great man here today. Ladies and gentlemen, please help me celebrate my Grandpa, Revd. Dr. Michael Oluwafemi Adesanya :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Awww, this is so lovely! Grandpa is an amazing man. Still looking cute and dope at his age.

Thanks Grandpa for helping us have @Abbey, a blessing to our time.

@Abbey, your story is quite heart-touching. Your mom and grandpa are one of a kind. Regards to both of them for doing an amazing job to make you, you. Words can’t thank them enough.


Grandpa :kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss:

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Thank you :pray:

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I do not intend to bump this post but did I inform you both @annie and @daughterofgrace that I showed Grandpa your posts? Well, that was over four months ago. I did a screenshot for him and sent to WhatsApp along with the link to this post. He can’t thank you both enough for the kind words you sent to him. He’s very grateful :pray:

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