Amazing Video: Man chills with a cigarette during armed robbery, says he'd do it again!

Original Topic from Source: Man who finished cigarette during bar stick-up says he’d do it again

The St. Louis man who calmly lit a cigarette and refused to hand over his cellphone when a robber stuck up a bar — a tough-guy moment that went viral after being captured on crime scene video — said he wouldn’t do anything different if it happened again.

Tony Tovar told a local NBC affiliate that he had the feeling the suspect who pointed a gun at him during the robbery wasn’t going to hurt him, so he kept on puffing his smoke while the gunman emptied the cash register at the bar in the South City section of St. Louis.

“He just wanted drug money,” Tovar said of the robber who stuck up Behrmann’s bar on Wednesday night.

Tovar conceded that he wouldn’t suggest anyone else follow his lead.

“It’s probably not in your best interest if they have a loaded firearm, I wouldn’t suggest that to just anybody,” he said in the interview.

He himself, though, wouldn’t think twice if faced again with the same situation.

“Absolutely not,” he said when asked if he would do anything differently.

The suspect in the robbery was still at large on Wednesday night, according to local reports.

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His balls are made of steel. So confident at a deadly encounter.


You can say that again dear. The man has got effrontery and I think he has nothing to lose for doing that. I also don’t think he’s in the right frame of mind too.

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