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Welcome to Talk with Africans general forum category. Under this category, you will find forums for discussing the beauty and uniqueness of Africa; and for transforming your knowledge about the black race. You are welcome to surf through these forums and join in the discussion to develop a compact and connected Africa.

Social Lounge & Parlour

This category is the best place for discussion anywhere on the internet. Our social lounge and parlour feature great and beautiful minds, and we talk about virtually everything in the world, including the “unbelievables!”
You can also connect, chat, share and explore everything there is to be explored about Africa here in this category, and meet the brightest of minds + the smartest of them all in our Great Thinkers Hub. Well, we don’t need to sweat this much. This is the best community you can see anywhere else in the world. But don’t just take our word for it. Try out our Social lounge and parlour today, and be glad you did!

Computer & Tech Market

Let’s talk about all things tech and computer-related here. If you are a phone freak, a tech geek or even some newbie, this forum might just be your forte. Meet colleagues, discuss computer related issues, or even put your tech gadgets for sale here. We already have sub-forums to make your listings easy to find by categories.

Educational & Professional Forums

Education opens the eyes of your mind to what you never knew before, and ignorance is the worst form of disease to cure.
Here in this category, ALL forms of learning are available, including tutorials/how tos’, academic learning, informal learning, and any kind of learning you can think of. And to make the learning work, we made this category for professionals too. So we don’t just want you to learn. We want you to apply what you have learned and become a professional at it. So if you are looking to learn anything off the inter-webs, then come here and be prepared to make it work; ultimately becoming a pro at it.
N.B: Since this is also a professional hub, please let all discussions related to career and professional enhancement/development discussions come here. Also be free to make professional connections with other members of the forum here.

TV, Sports and Entertainment Hub

How do you chill and relax? Here in this category, you can follow TV listings, programs and stay up to date with your favourite TV shows, including sporting events around the world. So you’ve got no reason to be bored ever again. Just start up a discussion and meet like-minds discuss and share their opinion with you on your favourite subject matter. It may also interest you to know: We talk about celebs, their lifestyles and movies here too. So this category is all entertainment rolled into one special place; just for you. No time to be bored again. Yippee!

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Animal Planet

Hello, and welcome to the Animal Planet category.

Family & Adult Place

Family is the most important single-unit of our society, and we dare not neglect it. Reason why we have devoted a special category to talk about everything related to the family; including the most important peeps in it: The husband and wife!