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Books, Edu & Learning Hub Books get you informed, and reformed too. Science Lab Okay, here we have the Science lab, peeps. Health and Medical Centre Health, of course, is wealth. Jobs and Entrepreneurship Forum As part of our aim to get you fulfilled, we understand the impact of a job or work scheme to you so we have brought this category up for you to talk about your job (if you have one. And if you don’t, then never mind. There are many job openings around here for you), what part(s) of it gets you fulfilled, what you think you can do, your life’s aspirations and goals, and what your job means to you. Generally, we talk about career goals and personal development/fulfillment programmes. Also, for the entrepreneurs like me with us, we talk too. Talk about our jobs, how interesting (or challenging) it has been, what milestones/targets we set, and practically everything related to how we can get better about ourselves and our jobs. We also use this category to get professional connections, and what have you! Law; Legal and Citizenship Rights Chambers So we understand that we still have a whole lot of work to do concerning human rights in Africa. Heck, it is one of the problems facing our continent, according to the UN. So in this category, we will talk (and not just talk but proffer solutions) about citizens’ rights in Africa, law and/or legal issues and also give out, on our own, human rights lawyers to fight befitting cases in the continent. It is our own way of getting justice served in Africa, and we wouldn’t back out till we see to it that human rights, and law and justice get their way in our continent; in our own time. In one word: We are standing for justice. So, if there’s any case of injustice or jungle justice around you that you would want us to know or get involved in, then just start a discussion up here, and we will be glad to follow it through.
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